Our top picks of non-fiction literary and digital contents

Please feel free to write to us to discuss our selection or share some of your personal favourites!

photo by Samson Katt


“A book that made me question not only the food I eat but how I eat it (in what setting, with who, at what pace). It mostly discusses the Western diet, but also compares it to other types of diet, especially concerning chronic diseases.”

“From this TED Talk playlists, I was introduced to many challenges regarding the wellbeing of all.’’

“This book provides a comprehensive scientific explanation on a very controversial topic in layman’s terms, thus making it a good introductory book on human genome editing”.

“An interesting take on how placebo can affect your body. It talks about how neuroplasticity and positive thinking can have subtle effects on your body health. Definitely food for thought.”


“This docuseries allowed me to take a step back and renew my appreciation for nature.’’

“What I love about this book is that it portrays Carbon’s political dimensions and touches on climate justice, global inequality, and Carbon’s political economy”

“This book inspired me because it shows a realistic and step-by-step account of how we can change our politics, economy, and society to tackle the greatest challenge of our generation.”

“Amazing collection of essays and poems on climate change written by women leading the climate movement.”


“This book helped me understand how unprecedented developments in AI might impact the economy, society, and us as individuals.”

“Enlightening and triggering: this book made me very aware of how the economy is capitalizing on our behaviours and psychology to reinforce the powerful and wealthy.”


“This is a very interesting philosophical book because it is up to the reader to decide the morality of the book. Although I personally would not digest these teachings as a way of living, I appreciate the brutal honesty of real-world realities. The take-home message for me is to understand the intricate thoughts of some people and identify these tactics in real-life scenarios.”



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